Do You Paint Inside Of Cabinets? 6 Pros & Cons for Deciding

Woman painting cabinet glass door at home

Painting inside the cabinet is the choice of the owner. Some people opt for painting inside the cabinets if they have glass doors or just like to create a contrast of colors.

Painting cabinets allows you to give the area an elegant style according to your taste. However, different homeowners have different perceptions of paint.

Some want to give a uniform look whereas some want to add contrast to the edges. You can customize your cabinets according to your taste or follow the current trends.

We will cover all the advantages and disadvantages of painting inside cabinets along with the top 3 colors you can use.

The Advantages of Painting Inside Cabinets

Here are some advantages of painting inside cabinets:

Creates a Seamless and Vibrant Environment

Painting cabinets creates a seamless and joyful environment. Moreover, using elegant colors such as lavender gives off light and attractive vibes. Also, it has a way of giving the room an extra open feeling.

Creates a Joyful Element

Painting the inside of your cabinets can add a pop of color and create an element of joy in the room.

Attractive Display

Say goodbye to your boring cabinets and add a vibrant color inside them to create an attractive display. Moreover, it will enhance your overall décor.

Enhances Visibility

Painting the inside of your cabinet can help make items stand out, making it easier to locate them. This benefit is beneficial if the cabinet has glass doors.

Provides Protection

Painting the inside of your cabinets will help protect them from wear and tear caused by moisture, dirt, or other environmental factors.

Makes Cleaning Easier

Painting the inside of cabinets can make it easier to clean and maintain them as paint helps hold dirt and grime.

The Disadvantages of Painting Inside Cabinets

Though there are some advantages of painting the inside of cabinets, here are a few disadvantages:


Painting cabinets can be expensive as it requires a decent amount of paint and preparation work.


Painting cabinets is a labor-intensive job that can take several days, depending on the size and number of cabinets.

Limited Colors

Due to the shape and size of most cabinets, it can be challenging to match the color you want.

Difficult to Handle

Painting the inside of cabinets requires a lot of attention and patience. It can be challenging to reach all cabinet sections, making it hard to get an even finish.

Ruining Accessories

Painting inside the cabinets can ruin accessories like knobs and handles. This means that you may need to buy new accessories after painting.

What is the Best Color to Paint Inside the Cabinet?

Here are the top 3 colors you can use for painting inside cabinets:


There are several shades of green. You can choose accordingly. For the exteriors such as windows you can paint dark green and for interior cabinets, choose light green.

This combination would create a fresh feeling in your décor. However, you can also pair green with cream and white to create a beautiful look.

Royal Blue

Royal blue is always in fashion. Royal blue is a bold and sophisticated color that will instantly draw attention to your cabinets. You can pair it with white to give a decent look.


Teal color leaves positive vibes and a seamless look. It adds beauty to your room. Generate a combination between pink and teal to create a color scheme.

Best Way to Paint Inside Cabinets

Here are some ways you can follow while painting inside cabinets:

Remove all the Accessories

While painting cabinets you should remove all the accessories. If you don’t remove the accessories you might end up dripping paint on them.

After removing all the accessories, clean the cabinets with a wipe. And use a screwdriver to remove all the doors.

Spread Caulk

Examine the areas of cracks, and after finding any grooves, spread caulk over them. Wait for it to dry completely.

For cabinets, caulk is the most preferred sealing material that is commonly used.

Add a Primer

Spread primer before painting. Use a 4-6 inch fine-finish primer over the surfaces. Let it completely dry. Using a good primer, coat the cabinets and provide strong bonding properties.

Apply Painting Tape where Needed

Cover all the areas you don’t want to paint on with painting tape.

For instance, the edge of the cabinets should be covered with painting tape. A painting tape gives a professional look. Many painters use tape to shape the area.


Painting cabinets gives the room a new life. However, painting inside cabinets is tricky because it is costly and challenging.

However, the tips mentioned above will help you decide whether to paint or not. While painting, remember the essential instructions discussed above.

Moreover, ask him about the time, equipment, and experience while hiring a painter. It will help you to determine the estimated time.


Can you paint the inside of the unfinished cabinets?

Yes, it is possible to paint the inside of unfinished cabinets. First you need to prepare the wood by sanding and cleaning it thoroughly before applying primer and paint.

Make sure you use a high-quality paint to ensure the best results. Additionally, if the cabinets are made of wood, you can apply a wood stain or sealer for extra protection.

What type of paint to use inside kitchen cabinets?

Latex is the most common paint for kitchen cabinets. Do use a good-quality primer to create a smooth look. Also, it will increase the life of the color.

Do you need to paint the inside of the cabinet doors?

Yes, you will need to paint the inside of cabinet doors. This is to ensure that the color of your choice is applied evenly throughout the cabinet.

Additionally, it helps to protect the wood from wear and tear caused by moisture or dirt. When painting cabinet doors, make sure you take your time and follow the instructions on the paint can. If you rush, you may end up with a messy finish.

Do you paint the inside of cabinet drawers?

Yes, you can also paint the inside of cabinet drawers. This will help to enhance the look of your cabinets and make it easier for you to find items in the drawers.

When painting cabinet drawers, make sure you use a low VOC paint and apply several thin coats. This will help to ensure that the color is applied evenly and has no brush marks.

Additionally, you can use a topcoat to provide extra protection against wear and tear.

Can you use spray paint inside the cabinets?

Yes, you can use spray paint inside cabinets. However, it is critical to note that using spray paint comes with certain risks, such as inhaling toxic fumes.

Therefore, it is important to use spray paint inside well-ventilated areas and with the appropriate safety gear. Additionally, you need to use a high-quality spray paint in order to get the best results.

Do you paint the inside of cabinets with glass doors?

Yes, you can paint the inside of cabinets with glass doors. This will help to give the cabinet a unique and elegant look according to your preference.

When painting the inside of cabinets with glass doors, use high-quality paint and take your time.